Lasting impressions

Publisher : Magna Publications - CITADEL Pune

Life is truly an eventful journey with milestones of evolution carved at varied junctures; therefore it is upon us to either ‘LIVE’ or merely ‘EXIST’. Having carved a niche for myself in the glamour industry for more than a decade, it still amuses me to meet divas from different walks of life and observe the elements of the woman of today. With most of them coming to me for counseling and help, it reminds me of an age old saying 'All that Glitters is not Gold'. It also leaves me speculative of restructuring this adage with a contemporary flavour. While we all are fascinated by the glitter of fashion, the woman of today should back it up with substance of indigenous groomed personality, thereby inventing the new dictum ‘Let Glitter Be Backed by Gold’

Change has become the only constant of this dynamic world and struggling to keep up with the ever innovating space of a well rounded personality, are the women of today! Be it a social gathering or a job interview, women forget as to how integral a part grooming plays in our lives. At the outer self they all look dainty and pretty but the moment you strike a meaningful conversation or let your hair down the colors fade. The point is that grooming is not just about knowing how to clip nails and brushing your hair; it is a science that has its roots in our psychology and our day to day habits.

Being a Media personality, I often get invited to grace social events and judge beauty pageants, where its heart rendering to witness gorgeous girls with limited exposure to the art of grooming and finishing. As we are progressing as a nation, appearances are becoming more and more deceptive and one cannot judge the depth of a personality by seeing the exterior only. This is where experts like us step in and believe in finding the root cause of the problem than just giving a few tips before vanishing. In present day context, we mustn’t only glitter with a charming personality but also back it up with substance that stems from a real gold attitude, knowledge and behavior.

Since we are dwelling on the words ‘glitter’ and ‘gold’ it becomes imperative to understand in depth as to what these words imply. On one hand Glitter means fashion, style, aura, grace and attraction and on the other hand gold simply means to have a convivial personality which can be achieved through grooming and being an inveterate thinker, making riveting conversations, having a dignified body language, adopting meaningful habits and adhering to the right attitude. Personal grooming is also called titivating and preening and stems from the desire to be a better personality, which has become indispensable in the competitive world of today. It encompasses attributes of social grooming as well, which has become an inevitable part of our lives, be it personal surroundings or professional. Whether it’s setting the table for a seven course meal, delivering a presentation or playing a good host, grooming oneself is the most significant element of our personality. It certainly does not take away the importance of knowledge but it has become an equal stake holder in helping us achieve success, be it personal relationships or professional.

Gone are the days when impressions didn’t matter… Now the first impression is a lasting one and the way you conduct yourself decides whether you’ll be a winner or not. It is often said that Achievers are first Believers, but to believe in yourself you have to be confident and conscientious. It all begins with honing the right attitude and being an innovative thinker. The most focus however has to be in grooming your body language, which makes more conversations than our verbal connect. In due course of interactions I’ll share with you tips for embarking on a self realization journey. Remember that any individual’s personality is essentially influenced by three factors. First being the inherited qualities or what we term as HEREDITY, ENVIRONMENT and SITUATIONS. Therefore we should not look upon personality patterns in isolation and make a conscious effort of grooming ourselves.

Having influenced many lives in Delhi & Pune through my finishing programs, I sincerely advise every young woman to pay heed to these 10 commandments in order to start making a difference to your lives…


1.Power Dressing.

How you feel about yourself is reflected in your appearance and how you dress has a direct impact on how you feel. It is therefore very important that you dress smartly to effuse the right signals. Don’t forget - others pick up from you valuable cues about how to respond to you!

2.Attention to body language.

This is a very important skill to develop and forms an important part of Kinesics; art of interpreting body motion communication. Being too casual in a formal environment or coming across as a stuck up or formal in a casual and friendly setup can send negative vibes thus spoiling your chances and even social standing. To hold on to an appropriate body language, consciously at the beginning before it becomes a habit, in all setup is the key! This will give you the desired attention and results that you seek from the audience.

3. Captivating communication skills.

Your interactions should be fruitful with others. Laying stress on punctuations, you should also pay attention to intonations, tonality and diction. It sounds difficult than it really is. After all practice makes one perfect. Being able to stand out based on the power of your communication skills will do wonder to your confidence in addition to captivating the audience.

4.Working your strengths.

Focus on doing whatever you’re best at. As a result, you’ll not only feel more like an expert, but you’ll also feel more positive about yourself and your expertise.

5.Accept your imperfections.

’Everybody Loves Raymond’ syndrome, as I call it, looks good only on television. Nobody is perfect so sooner we all accept that the better it is. Letting go of the need to be perfect means you’re comfortable enough with yourself to admit your imperfections. Last time I checked, humility still carried a lot of weight.

6.Be resillient & adapt to surroundings.

Practicing this motto isn’t easy but the right preparedness will show you that you can be successful at whatever you set out to do. Being rigid and averse to change will hurt you and only you.

7.Have goals and work to achieve them.

When your life has direction, you know where you’re going. You’ll be consistently working towards accomplishing your aspirations. There is no better confidence booster than success.

8.Embrace your interests.

Making time to do what you love makes you happy, content, and excited about your own life. It also makes you feel more in control of your life, which adds to your self-confidence.

9.Excel at work.

No matter what kind of work you do, you can strive to be the best at it. Developing a reputation at work as the “go to” person who can always get the job done is a fabulous confidence-builder.

10.Forget about your ego.

When you give up the need to prove something, you’ll be free of feeling compelled to put on airs and impress people The world is rushing after what ‘should be’ but you need to focus on what ‘ought to be’. There are many belief’s but it all boils down to what you want to do in your life? So get rid of self - serving hypocrisy about having to know it all…The question you have in your mind is: “how to?” and the answer is simple: “just add gold to your glitter.” I would summarize that the backing of gold to your glitter could guide your life minute by minute towards an appreciative self, because unless you feel confident you won’t be able to exude it! You have to start grooming yourself today towards better substance and a meaningful glitter. My mantra:-

“There’ll never be another now, I’ll make the most of today; There’ll never be another me, I’ll make the most of myself”